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I’m Harris, a SCUBA Instructor here at Rocky Mountain Diving Center. I’ve lived in Colorado since childhood.  I began my diving career right here at RMDC.

Since taking my Open Water Diver course at RMDC, I’ve been fortunate enough to explore undersea throughout the world; diving in the Caribbean, the Azores, the Hawaiian Islands, French Polynesia, Fiji, Mexico and other places.  If someone asks what is my favorite dive, I say “My next one” since the only thing I know for sure is that I’ll see or experience something new and unique on every dive.

As important as seeing the undersea world is; diving has also given me an appreciation for how simultaneously fragile and resilient that environment can be.  I enjoy teaching others how diving is a sport that encourages preservation of the underwater environment; and how each of us plays a part in that preservation. 

Another aspect of this sport, which is sometimes overlooked, is meeting fascinating and friendly people.  Diving is a sport that connects people from all backgrounds, ages, and cultures.  As an instructor, I’m privileged to get to know divers from their first interest in the sport, through their initial certification course, and continue that relationship as they bring back stories of their own adventures, and continue their diving education through specialty courses.  Each person’s unique set of experiences and background is of interest, as I see how they add their appreciation of diving to their own personality.  It’s a pleasure and a privilege to be a part of that process. 

I look forward to sharing my love of diving with you, and showing you the path to become a safe, confident, well-trained and conscientious diver; able to participate in the fun and adventure our sport offers.  I know I speak for everyone at Rocky Mountain Diving Center when I say we are here to work with you, whether it’s answering general questions; getting you certified to dive; helping you with your equipment needs; providing advanced dive training; recommending local or world-wide dive sites, and planning trips to them; or any other needs or desires you may have. We want you to know we are your total source for all things SCUBA and snorkeling. 


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