"Bring a Friend" Referral Program & Gear Purchase Rebate

The 3 newly Certified Scuba Divers you refer, must complete their course between May 1, 2003 and today in order to receive your check for $50 (U.S.). The diver number located on the back of their certification cards will be used for verification. All 3 referrals must complete their Scuba Diver Certification Course for you to be eligible to receive your check.
DEMA members, Dive industry employees, and families are not
eligible for this program. DEMA is not responsible for any late,
lost, or undeliverable coupons. All completed forms must be turned in to
the New Divers can only be submitted once in order to be counted.
Certification numbers submitted through a previous form
submittal will not be counted. Not valid in conjunction with
any other offers.
When their friends have completed certification, the individual
submitting the referral is also eligible to receive an additional
$150.00 when they purchase 2 select pieces of diving hardware
from the Rocky Mountain Diving Center. Divers can choose
hardware from any participating manufacturer so long as their
purchase includes at least 2 of the following: a complete
SCUBA regulator, a buoyancy compensator/inflator combination, and/or a full function diving computer. Participants can take advantage of this offer as many times as they choose prior to the closing date.


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