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DiveAssure insurance and travel assistance

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Why Choose DiveAssure?

Just how well does DiveAssure stack up against the competition?

Why DiveAssure

• DiveAssure specializes exclusively in diving accident and dive-travel insurance.
• With over a decade of experience, you are guaranteed the best medical coverage and dive travel protection.
• Both your annual diving coverage and the medical and travel protection you need for your diving trips in one single policy.
• Duke Dive Medicine physicians provide consultation and support services for all DiveAssure programs.
• Only DiveAssure offers you the DDM Package - A comprehensive medical package with additional personal medical consultation and oversight provided by the Duke Dive Medicine physicians at Duke University.
• Only DiveAssure offers annual multi-trip dive-travel coverage.
• DiveAssure insurance is PRIMARY – unlike other diving insurance programs on the market.
• DiveAssure offers you the Diamond – the only comprehensive annual single- trip/multi-trip dive-travel program, specifically designed to meet all your diving & traveling needs throughout the year
• DiveAssure offers you the best diving insurance and assistance programs available today - more coverage, higher limits and less fine print than any other program offered in the USA.
• 24/7 emergency hotline for diving emergencies through Travel Guard and Duke Dive Medicine.
• 24/7 Travel Assistance & Emergency hotline with numerous services provided, by Travel Guard.
• Non emergency hotline- receive first rate information on fitness to dive and diving safety from the Duke physicians and the DiveAssure team
• Technical divers welcome! - No depth or mixed gas restrictions!

Check out your alternatives:
• All other travel insurance companies are not fully familiarized with diving and the special requirements that go with it – we are. We work with hyperbaric chambers and other emergency facilities all over the world and have the Duke Dive Medicine team of expert physicians to consult with.
• General travel insurance policies do not address the special coverage needs related with diving, such as: Lost diving days, a trip being canceled or interrupted due to inability to dive, loss of diving gear, etc.
• With any other insurance provider you are covered by two separate policies! In case of a claim may have to deal with two differenr insurers , which means more paperwork and red-tape…
• No other insurer provides you with personal medical care in case of diving accident as provided by our DDM package.
• With all other travel insurance providers, multi trip coverage is either not available, or far more expensive.
• Most other programs do not offer primary coverage

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