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Hello, I’m Mark
the owner of RMDC.
I find myself the proud
owner of the RMDC after
scuba diving in the

After growing up in Indiana
& Illinois and swimming
throughout the summers,
scuba diving was the next
step into an adventure of
the aquatic world.

I moved to Colorado in 1979. My first scuba diving class was at RMDC back in 1980. After being certified to dive; I would go diving at the local lakes and Florida. I started taking additional classes with RMDC and became an instructor in May 1983. I bought my first underwater camera in 1985 and started taking pictures of the wonderful reefs and animals in the ocean.

I was looking for ways to improve my pictures. I found Cathy Church’s School of Underwater Photography at Sunset House on Grand Cayman. After spending a week with Cathy and crew; it was decided to return the next year for another week of photography classes.

In January 1996, I moved to Grand Cayman to work with Cathy Church at Sunset Photo. I worked with Cathy for three years. After leaving Grand Cayman, I spent an additional two and half years as a Photo Pro / Dive Master for the Aggressor Fleet. My training was on the Cayman Aggressor III and then off to the Bay Island Aggressor III. When the Bay Island Aggressor III was dry docked at Morgan City LA, I transferred to the Okeanos Aggressor, off the coast of Costa Rica to Coco Island.

After two years on the Okeanos Aggressor, I found myself back in Colorado. I had the opportunely to purchase RMDC in April 2002. After acquiring RMDC I started to revitalize the store. With the updated information and the new shopping cart on the web site, throughout the showroom, into the depths of the pool as well as our educational program. Please stop by for a visit.


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