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Scuba Skills Update

Sharpen your skills in our Scuba diving refresher course.

The variety and complexity of diving equipment, diving skills, and diving locations available to recreational divers have increased dramatically. It is difficult for today’s divers to maintain their skills and be comfortable with their equipment when they are not used on a regular basis.

For this reason it is now highly recommended be the scuba industry and in some situations required, that divers complete a refresher course on an annual basis.

The Scuba Skills update program is designed to update your scuba diving skills as learned in your open water diver course, but is not designed as a training course for uncertified divers. It is up to the dive leader where you are in need of more than an update.

The Scuba Skills update study guide and video are broken into the following sections which review the scuba skills from your open water diver course.

  • Responsible Diver Code
  • Preparing your Equipment
  • Planning Dives (including the Dive Tables)
  • Diving Skills
  • Emergency Skills
  • Using Your Dive Log
  • Continuing Education

Certified Scuba Diver
Complete a SSI Medical History Statement

Required Books and Equipment:
SSI Scuba Skills Update Study Guide
Mask, Snorkel, Fins and Mouthpieces

Provided by RMDC:
Regulator with Safe Second and Gauges, Buoyancy Compensator,
Tanks and Weights

Schedule Class:
Monthly on the 1st Saturday at 11 am
or the 3th Friday at 6 pm

Private classes scheduled to your convenience


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